Danielle Nicole Van Dam Case Study

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The Danielle Nicole Van Dam case is a serious case and sentimental. A young girl was murdered and didn’t even ask for the trouble. She was only a seven year old little girl from California. For her to be abducted from home and murdered without a reasonable explanation is just horrifying for all parents. I know as her parents they were terrified and that’s a night that they will not forget. The whole issue and the big question is how he got into their home and abduct Danielle. Like when did this all take place, why did she not scream or yell out for help? But again being that she was asleep and it was late, I’m sure when she was awake she probably thought it was her dad and felt comfortable. For her being such a little girl, it had…show more content…
It still doesn’t say what he did to get her comfortable around him. Furthermore, why was Danielle his target, and why was it his intention to kidnap young girls. He probably has an issue, or there was something that could have happened in his past to make him want to do something so horrible. When people do things like this there is some sort of history with them. Now I know everyone has history but these kinds of people are different. He could have been mistreated or molested as a young boy when growing up. It could be a numerous of things to why he chose to make these kinds of decisions. Westerfield had to have had some serious problems in his life, because when the police went into his home they found child pornography in his home. To his defense he made it seem like his son had some part in this, because it was downloaded onto his computer by his son. Westerfield claimed the parents of Danielle were not who they had claimed to be. With that defense he could state that he was trying to rescue or save her from that type of environment. There are no claims that this was true of the parents, but that gave him no right to take her from her home and kill her. If anything this

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