Danny And Reb Saunders Reuven: Summary

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The second important event in the friendship of Reuven and Danny is when Reuven eats a Shabbat meal with Danny. Reuven goes to the Hasidic synagogue because Reb Saunders wants to meet him. Reuven discovers that Reb never talks to Danny except when they are studying Talmud. Danny says to Reuven “…I told him we were friends” (p. 115). However, Danny says that Reb Saunders needs to approve of his friends, especially if it is not a Hasid. While Reuven is in the Hasidic synagogues, he sees how the Hasidic men treat Danny and Reb Saunders like their God. Reb Saunders Reuven about gematriya as a way of proving if he is worthy to become Danny’s friend. Reuven feels like he passed the test by pointing out a mistake in one of the gematriyot. The Hasidic

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