Danny Saunders In The Chosen By Chaim Potok

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Danny Saunders demonstrates smart, kindness, and religious as his personality develops throughout the story. During even the first few chapters Danny’s character begins to develop. As he progressively develops in the story we can see how well educated he actually is. He reads a lot and goes through a lot of schooling which shows through his actions which are not always proper but usually well thought out. In chapter 7 page 140 Danny displays how smart he is in this sentence “Danny repeated a short passage from the tractate Sanhedrin, and then his father quoted another passage from Yoma which contradicted the passage in Sanhedrin and Danny answered with a passage from Gittin which dissolved the contradiction.”(The Chosen, Chaim Potok) this shows how educated Danny is that he could quote and argue against a statement with father using the quotes.…show more content…
During the chapters we have read Danny has been with Reuven and been very kind to him. In chapter 3 page 70 the book says that he came to visit Reuven. “He came up the aisle and stood along my bed, wearing the same clothes he had the day before.”(The Chosen, Chaim Potok) This shows that while Danny did accidently hit Reuven he was kind enough to come visit which made Reuven, revaluate Danny and see him as a kind
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