Dante 2 Short Story

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Nooooooooooo!, Ikaia screamed as the red, thin string in her hand fell into the volcano. The red string was the only thing keeping Dante 2 from falling into the Mauna Loa. Dante 2 was a robot that Ikaia invented in her lab. Iakia lived in Honolulu, Hawaii, and worked on Dante 2 for months. Now as she looked into the dark, moist, and lava-filled volcano, all she could think about is if there was maybe just one chance, her best friend, although he was a robot, was still alive. Ikaia was 13 years old, abandoned, poor, and lonely. Her parents were killed during Hurricane Iwa, and she had no siblings. Now she was in a one-story house, with blue walls, one bedroom, one bathroom, and one kitchen. Ikaia was tired of being lonely. She could never go to school because all the schools in Honolulu were private schools, and they cost money. One day, she decided…show more content…
Then she turned around and saw Dante 2. She was so amazed, all she did was run over and give him a big hug. Dante 2 was alive! But how? Ikaia couldn’t get it through her mind. Then she remembered. She had installed a self activating emergency button that went off when it sensed trouble. When the emergency button goes off, it releases a parachute that takes Dante 2 to a safe landing spot. Ikaia told herself that she would never put Dante 2 in that position again, as him and her walked home safely. Ikaia was so happy that Dante 2 was safe, and decided to give exploring volcanoes a break. Her and Dante 2 were just going to enjoy life together for a little while, and who knows, maybe that scientists thing will work out another day. In conclusion, Dante 2 survived that horrible volcano, and Ikaia enjoyed her life with her robot. Although Dante 2 and Ikaia faced hardships while trying to gather information about a volcano, they made it through and learned a valuable lesson which was to never inhale laughing. In the end, both of them prevailed, and are enjoying life
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