Dante Greene: A Short Story

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Dante Greene is your average degenerate except for that he has a life that is broken beyond compare. He lived with his mom, dad, and younger brother Ezra until the incident.

His brother was bullied at school but he would never tell a teacher or any person. The stress started to build up to the point of where he slowly started taking pills.

He slowly eased up towards the idea of just ending it all until one day a student from his school told a teacher about what he was going through. Word went around the school that he had ratted out the bullies even though he didn’t.

The bullies didn’t seem to like that because eye witness reports say that after the final bell rang the next day they took him into their truck and drove towards the old
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His parents were yelling that they wouldn’t go anywhere until Dante interrupted “Mom, Dad, please let’s just go it’s gotta be somethin important.”

His eyes looked so cloudy that at any moment he might just break down. His parents quiet down and get back in the car while the officer goes over to some other officer and is handed a rainbow patterned bag. His brother Ezra’s BackPack.

They’re slowly riding down the road when his mother starts to break down in tears just saying “Please not my baby, not my Ez.” Dante looked towards his father and could see a singular tear scroll down his cheek.

They’re in front of the station so they pull in and park right in front of the door and they wait for the officer to pull up. They can see his cruiser park right next to theirs so they all get out and walk along with the officer into the station.

Soon as they walk in a group of parents run to them and start screaming “WHERES MY SON- MY DAUGHTER IS SHE OK-” and etc. The officer tries to calm them all down when a grown man runs up to Dante’s dad punches him knocking him to the ground and mounts him, yelling ”YOU SON OF A BITCH IF MY SON IS HURT
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