Dante's Inferno And Bhagavad Gita Analysis

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Dante 's Inferno and Bhagavad Gita are two popular pieces of literature that each place a large emphasis on each of their respective religions. Dante 's Inferno explores Christianity as Dante is traveling through each circle of hell. Bhagavad Gita explores Hinduism as a dialogue between a warrior and the Supreme Being.
The Bhagavad Gita is an epic that is based on Hinduism. It uses the characters Arjuna and Krishna to teach the beliefs of the religion. Arjuna is a skilled and respected warrior who is forced to participate in a war over who will have control over Hastinapura. His cousins have taken control over the kingdom even though they aren 't the rightful heirs, Arjuna 's brother is. Since he has family on both sides, he is reluctant to participate in the war out of fear of hurting those he
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Bhagavad Gita and Dante 's Inferno have many parallels. The major similarity is that in both religions in the story, people are living a life that is meant to please their God because he is their creator. The main characters also receive some sort of help from a divine being explaining the afterlife to them. Virgil is there to lead Dante through hell and Krishna speaks to Arjuna before his battle. There are also different punishments or rewards for those who follow them. For example, in Christianity, if a person follows the ways of the Lord, they are rewarded with eternal life in heaven, but if they are sinners, then they are sent down to one of the circles of hell. In Hinduism when a person follows their dharma they are rewarded by being born into a higher caste level or a lower one if they are not following the correct path. In addition to this, both religions have some form of repentance. In Christianity, all sinners have a chance to seek forgiveness through purgatory. In Hinduism, peoples ' wrongdoings are when they stray away from their dharma or collect bad karma. As their soul is reincarnated they are being given chances to make up for any bad karma they

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