Dante's Inferno And The Holy Grail Analysis

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Two different, but similar journey’s
The two stories Dante’s Inferno and Perceval and the Holy Grail were each a journey, but one stood out more significantly than the other. Dante’s inferno and Perceval and the Holy Grail had many similarities and differences although they were on different journeys in life. Dante’s Inferno was better than Perceval and the Holy Grail because Dante’s Inferno was about his journey to find himself, and Perceval and the Holy Grail was a journey to home for his mother. The similarities and differeiencies help to show the importance of the lessons and new ideas formed in each poems.
The two epic similes had characters which were considered to be epic heros, however both were flawed. The two characters were on journeys to regain their spiritual identity. Dante had traits of an epic hero like leaving home, and having a guide named Virgil who was his conscience throughout the poem. On the other hand Dante felt dishonored by his people so he sought revenge in Inferno. Perceval was an epic hero just as Dante by leaving home to be a knight, he had a special weapon given to him saying,“This sword, dear brother,was destined for you and none other” (Perc.192-193) the sword was for him only for his bravery. Perceval had another characterisitc as a epic hero by the great loyalty he had for his mother to come home again. The
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Dante’s story was much more significant because of great meaning behind his journey to seek redemption and the relationship between real life problems to his problems. There is a connection between his problems and the real life problems we face in reality because we too make mistakes just as Dante does. Dante's inferno was a great poem full of great experiences opening new doors and new thoughts to readers all over. These all are great reasons as to why Dante's inferno was better than Perceval through the spiritual meaning behind

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