Dante's Inferno Purgatorio Essay

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The sequel to Dante’s captivating epic poem the Inferno is the Purgatorio. Contrary to that of the Inferno, in the Purgatorio are those who are repented sinners. When Dante emerges from Hell, at the opening of the Purgatorio, he begins his transformation. Dante began his journey walking through hell weak and quick to anger. However, as he climbs Mount Purgatory he begins to transform into a more virtuous self. As Dante ascends the mountain he learns about the structure and suffering, the need for free will and the two forms of love which enable him to have a better understanding of Purgatory and the importance of the virtues within it. Dante commences his scale of the mountain in Canto IV and he quickly begins to learn about the structure of the unfamiliar mount. Dante is told that the bottom of the mountain is the most difficult to climb, however, as he climbs farther it becomes easier. He also is told that once he reaches the end he will be able to rest. Later on in Canto X, Dante reveals to the reader that those in Purgatory have punishments like in Hell,…show more content…
Virgil reveals to Dante that there are two types of love: natural love and rational love. Natural love is a love that can never fail, however, rational love can. Rational love can fail by inadequate or extreme zeal and by wrongly choosing. Thus, love is “the seed of every virtue growing in you,/ and every deed that merits punishment.” (XVII. 103-105) From this we learn that love is the sole motive of every action whether it is “good” or “bad”. Also that there is nothing that can hate itself and consequently its creator. Virgil further explains the three ways man can love the misfortune of his neighbor. He can take pleasure in their calamity with either pride, envy, or wrath. Lastly, the other forms of love are for those that love God but do not act upon this craving, and those who love other objects as if they are
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