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Introduction The afterlife is a common aspect of many cultures. In Christianity, Dante Alighieri is the first person to describe all levels of the afterwords but is known primarily for his description of hell. Thesis statement: However, Dante Alighieri's "The Divine Comedy: Inferno" is a reflection of Roman morals and viewpoint of the afterlife post the integration of Christianity. Dante Alighieri Winthrop Wetherbee recorded Dante Alighieri's lifetime and poetic history under Stanford University (Wetherbee). Note historical significance landmarks of Dante Alighieri's life. Ring one: limbo From Dante's description, the audience can inference the Limbo is for non-Christians (Alighieri) Dante places focus on famous Roman…show more content…
Ring seven: violence Describe and discuss the three parts of ring seven. The reasoning behind Dante placing violence in a lower category is caused by the Florentine government strict view of violence (Chevigny 794). Ring eight: Fraud Describe and discuss the nine parts of ring eight of fraud. Separated into slides because of the size of the eighth circle. Dante continuously places famous Greek heroes deeper into the rings of hell as a sign of respect to the Roman Culture. Also, Dante places people who are against the Christianity culture in deeper locations of hell. Wetherbee notes that politics was the cause of Dante removal of Florence and so Dante has a particular interest in politicians afterlife (Wetherbee). Ring nine: treachery Describe and discuss the final ring of hell and the symbolism behind the description. Lucifer is chewing on Judas, Brutus, and Cassius because in Dante's viewpoint there forms of betrayals were the most corrupt of the time period (Chevigny

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