Dante's Inferno Short Story

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A beautiful but unlucky, impecunious girl by the name of Catallena lived in an abandoned house. Unfortunately, her parents died in a terrible accident when she was at the age of seventeen. Furthermore, she wasn’t aware of any other family members. Let alone, she had no job to support herself. One day she decided to go into town to attempt to make money. On her way into town, she witnessed a robbery and tried to prevent it from occurring, but instead the town people misunderstood the situation and accused her of robbing along side with the thieves. She was arrested and taken to the police station. She was held till a elderly man came to bail her out. The elderly man that goes by the name Dante, lead her to his filthy, disintegrated car. As they…show more content…
A man shouted, “you deserve to go with that grouchy, old man”. As they arrived at Dante’s ranch, she was curious as to why he has bailed her out and brought her to his ranch. She asked him,“ Who are you, and why did you bail me out?” He replied,“I knew your parents, they have a massive debt with me, so I want you to pay me back by working for me”. She agrees but doesn’t know the price that comes with it. The next morning, he had prepared her a list of chores for her to do while he was out in town. The house was indecent, and tremendously filthy as if no one lived there. The windows had gaping holes, doors hung on it’s hinges at a jaunty angle, as well as having combs all over the house. That being the case, she didn’t quite finish all her tasks that day, it would at least take another week. Therefore she went to bed, without seeing Dante. At sunrise, she woke up to prepare breakfast. Dante was already up, and unsatisfied with the chores. He said, “why aren’t…show more content…
He recognized her kindness to someone she didn’t really know. One day, she was cleaning in room and notices a picture of her mother. She confronts him as to why he has these pictures of her mother. He emotionally replied, “ I have those pictures of your mother because she is my daughter, which makes me your grandfather.” She was astonished by his words. In that moment, she cried immensely to her grandfather and asked,” why did you hide this from me this whole time?” He says, I had too much anger that your mother left me for some man that I didn’t approve of and I have this regret that destroying me till I got the opportunity to get to know you. I didn’t want to be alone on my last days, I hope you find the courage to forgive me.” From that day on, the spent time with one another and got to know each other more. One morning she woke up and decided to make him a delicious breakfast and thank him for all he has done for her. As she entered his room, she finds him unresponsive and had the feeling his time was over. She called the doctor and they took Dante because sadly he was no longer with her. Days pass, and a man appears with a envelope as she was leaving. He asked, “are you Catallena Paris?” She replies, “yes I am, is there something I can do for you?” He says, No, I just came here to deliver this envelope”. She takes the envelope and discovers that her grandfather, Dante is the wealthiest person in town and he has given
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