Theme Of Renaissance In Dante's Inferno

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Register to read the introduction…There is a medieval theme in where religion is shown as their way of life in which it was used as a means of dictating people and taking advantage of others. With religion in the medieval sense it was a do or die situation you were penalized if you did not follow the wishes of the church. Renaissance is also a main premise in Dante’s inferno as it starts to show the breaking away from religion and focuses on the individuals and their stories. The sinners in the circles are given priority over the religious nature and given the opportunity to talk about why they are there. This makes them seem more human then sinners. As he travels through each layer of hell we see how Dante’s writing style is both medieval and…show more content…
The story revolves around metaphors where everything has a double meaning behind what is said. Here what Dante is trying to tell us is that he wakes up in hell because he has strayed from the righteous path that the church and God has set for him. This medieval writing continues throughout the layers of hell sinners are damned to hell and live in a world devoid of any sanitation everything around them is full of suffering and death. Above the gate is a message that tells the beginning of the journey into hell and the suffering that will be caused, “I AM THE WAY INTO THE DOLEFUL CITY, I AM THE WAY INTO ETERNAL GRIEF… ABANDON EVERY HOPE, ALL YOU WHO ENTER” (399, 1). The church brings out these punishments seeing as the medieval era he lived in was during the time that the church dominated a person’s way of living. According to the church you would be sentenced to hell by God if you had not going to a clergyman before your death and pleaded them to pray to God for their forgiveness. Each punishment is also reflective of medieval writing as the punishments fit each of the crimes that the sinners have done. The first time we see sinners being punished
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