Danticat's Nineteen Thirty-Seven Analysis

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Danticat references the fear that society has of certain women in the story “Nineteen Thirty-Seven”. The chapter is about a girl named Josephine whose mother is imprisoned for being a witch. Everytime Josephine visits her mother she brings a Virgin Mary statue that she makes cry using wax and oil. Just before Josephine was born, her mother swam across a river that many Haitians were slaughtered in, causing it to become blood-stained, to Haiti from the D.R. Even Josephine's grandmother, since this Josephine and her mother have been performing rituals at the Massacre River every year. But when her mother dies,Jacqueline, another ritual performer takes her to see her mother's body being burned. In this story the mother was portrayed as a witch. They may have feared her since witches are always associated with having made a deal with the devil, and have always been portrayed to be evil. Another reason their…show more content…
I would always study for my quizzes, tests, etc. because I wanted to get the best garde I could possibly get. These grades would determine what high school I got into. At the time, high school was my main priority . I wanted to be in the best high school so I could get into the best college. So I worked my butt off in 7th and 8th grade, my results put me in Academy at Palumbo. In my eyes this is the path I wanted to be on, Palumbo is the place for me to start my future. Me working hard got me into one of the best schools in Philly because of the good grades that I got. This shaped my present life because it showed me that as long as you work hard and stay concentrated you can get whatever you set your mind to. All of this relates to Krik Krak because in the story, the past affects the present and future. All of the stories connected in some way and it made another person’s future change from what it could have originally
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