Danticat's Political System In Haiti

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Haiti’s political system in 1969 was very dark. They did not believe in women’s rights and many

children and babies were dying there like in chapter five when Marie finds a dead body and talks

about her miscarriages to it. Or in chapter four where a prostitute has sex with other men next to

her sons bed at night. I think this shaped Danticat’s life by making her angry. She becomes a

writer even though she knows that female writers can be killed and she writes about all these

tragedies and deaths of people. It seem as though Danticat has become infatuated with death and

sorrow. I think this is her way of giving tribute to all the people who suffered during this time.

She has become accustomed to death and that is why she writes about
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Especially growing up in Philadelphia I

have been exposed to a more varied culture the. In some places and have seen many different

protests for equal rights in our community. I still think that like Haiti, this country is not fully

developed into a completely free and equal country but we are more developed than in Danticat 's

time. There are a good amount of homeless people In Philadelphia and when I am walking in the

city I see them sleeping on the side of the sidewalk or begging for food or money. I think this has

shaped me to not want to be like them and do well in school so I can go to college and get a job

to provide for myself and maybe even a family one day. I think this is a major thing in our

culture. We are pushed to do well in school to do well in college and then eventually get a job. I

feel like I have been shaped to want to do exactly this which makes me work harder and get good

grades. It also gives me some anxiety though. When I get a bad grade or go below the standards

of what I 'm “supposed to get,” I feel like my life is over. This is not true though. Our society has

made it so we try hard which is not a bad thing but sometimes you think, are they pushing to
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