Danzon Film Analysis

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The film Danzon (1991) by Maria Novaro, is a film about a young woman named Julia who is a telephone operator who, in order to escape her boredome, travels to a dance club where she meets her dance partner, Carmelo. She dances with him until one night, he does not show up. Upset, Julia leaves her daughter and embarks on a journey to find whereabouts of Carmelo. Throughout the journey, she meets different people such as a feminine man and a front desk clerk. At the end of the film it is stated that Carmelo is dead However, Julia ends up finding Carmelo in the same club she met him at. In this film, the concepts that I will be using as analytical categories are gender conventions, the model of cinematic analysis, the feminine concept, the Social…show more content…
For example, Ruben, is a male that does not follow the masculine code that men are suppose to follow. In fact, he possesses feminine qualities such as putting on makeup, dresses, and a wig. He even tries to give Julia advice on how to be a beautiful woman, such as when he tells her to put on certain make up. This questiond the gender convetions because it shows that men do not have to follow a masculine code that is forced upon them. The masculine and feminie qualities should apply to both men and women. For example, in the film Julia possesses both masculine a and feminine qualities. She dresses in feminine clothing such as a dress and heels, but has confidience and determination that is usually assocaited with masculinity. This shows that the film is trying to question why there has to be a standard for men and women. Both genders should be allow to possess both feminine and masculine qualities. It should be
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