Commentary On The Book 'Analects Book XIV'

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In “Analects Book XIV” it reads: “The Master said: “In the old days, people studied to improve themselves. Now they study in order to impress others.” (p. 1342) Over time people have limited themselves just to fit into the role of what society deems as successful. We live in a world that places a higher value on what you own rather than who you are and what you know. The social pressure of achieving the American Dream has twisted the mind of a generation into believing that the only way to be accepted in society is to follow the assembly line lifestyle of going to college, getting a degree, and landing a high paying job.
As soon as a student starts high school they are immediately pressured into going to college and planning the rest of their
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The byproduct of being rigid is causing stress to ourselves and to others around us. The stress can become so much that we snap and find ourselves damaged and isolated. “Daodejing LXXVI”, refers to living as being supple and weak, and being dead as hard and stiff. And at the end of a person’s life, the one who chooses to live weak, rather than strong, will have had a better life. This passage shows how weakness is a good thing, and when you allow yourself to be weak the pressures of being strong are eliminated, resulting in a more fulfilling…show more content…
It’s important for people to consider that they might be stuck on some of their own ideas which are preventing them from moving forward in life. Over the past few years, I have seen this more than ever, especially concerning political ideas. “Daodejing LXXVI,” says, “the weak are the comrades of life,” (p. 1354) or the flexible and those willing to adapt will find life. This applies to our culture now because America especially is at a standstill because no one is willing to differ from their own ideas and viewpoints. The inability to be weak has made it so political parties have a hard time agreeing to disagree. As hard as it is, everyone should evaluate themselves and make sure they haven’t put up blocks that would prevent them from
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