Daodejing Of Laozi

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The Daodejing of Laozi was first written in classical Chinese between 6th BCE and 3rd BCE. Laozi who the founder of the idea of Daoism, which is primarily focused around living with the Dao (Tao) and not against the Way. The Daodejing can be split up into three parts; Dao (Tao) equals the Way or natural living, de (te) meaning virtue and power, and jing (ching) in context means classic. The main idea of the Daodejing simply put is, no being can abandon their place or change the “natural limits” without dismantling the balance of the Way. The key purpose is to live with the Way and not against it, otherwise any action is self-defeating. It is important to analyze the crucial chapters of the Daodejing line by line or even word for word, or else

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