Daodejing In Chinese Poetry

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God’s, a higher power, someone or something to believe in is the way for most people I would like to believe. Believing in something that is higher than you that watches over us. To guide us on a path of good, evil, or whatever they deem. Following the words, rules, or a path that is laid out for us to follow; hoping that someday we will be rewarded. Whether it be a heaven of choosing, wealth beyond our dreams, health, many women or even eternal life is what we may be promised if we listen to the word. Most of these higher entities ask that you listen and follow their rules, or word that they say or write. If you follow these requests you will receive what is promised, if you do not the God’s or higher beings are disappointed and
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A higher power is speaking and explaining that he speaks words of suggestion, but not many are listening to him. The very first sentence says, “My words are very easy to understand and very easy to put into practice.” (790) I feel that author is saying I am almighty and I have given you effortless rules to live your life. The requests are simple and not difficult for a person to do. Anyone can follow them, it’s simple. Next, he writes “yet no one in the world can understand them or put them into practice.” (790) To me, this says that the people he is speaking to are not hearkening to his requests, or using them to in their everyday life. They are not perceiving or maybe they are unaccepting to what is being brought forth to them and they are disobeying what is being ask of them. They have chosen not to follow whatever path is set before…show more content…
Which in English language is a very wise and profound person or being. I got the feeling from the passage that a higher being was speaking and it is of higher worthiness. This is a very important part of the passage because it lets the reader know that the person who is speaking, and using the word “my” is directly related to the sage. They are the sage, and they are the one who is telling this tale. Letting the reader know they are his words and they are important because, I am a person of profound wisdom, a figure of ancient history or a savant and you should listen to my request; it would be wise to do so, it will benefit you in life. I feel that this passage can be relatable to our own God, a Christian God, or any God for that matter that one may believe in. It speaks as our own God has spoken, if we listen to the word we will be rewarded in Heaven or whatever religion you might be. It seems in most religions someone is promised something after you fulfill your duty to them. Whatever request that maybe, we hear it, we do it, we are rewarded. If we do not, we have to suffer whatever fate is brought to
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