Daoism And Confucianism Essay

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The cultural heritage of China has always attracted people searching for the inconceivable harmony of the part and the whole, of man and nature, of "outer" and "inner". Mythology and spirituality were the most significant elements of Chinese culture. Therefore, the religion had the most profound influence on the traditions and culture of the Chinese people. For the world view of Zhuangzi, the concept of the world as an absolute unity had great importance. There is no place for a clear boundary between things, everything is merged with one another, and everything is present in everything. In this world there are no absolute values, nothing in itself is neither beautiful nor ugly, neither large nor small, but everything exists only in relation to something else and in close internal…show more content…
But it is not a religion of the transcendental God, demanding from its worshipers to have faith and obedience. Daoism is the path of integral existence, in which speculation and action, spirit and matter, consciousness and life are gathered in a free, boundless, chaotic unity. Daoist sages do not prove anything and do not preach. They do not even teach some particular way of life. Their goal is to give a true life orientation, to point the way to the center of life experience. Daoism and Confucianism are different manifestations of the same concept. Daoism is prone to mysticism and in its original form defended the idea of passivity, "inaction" and rest, withdrawal from society and reunification with nature. Its core thought is that if a person folds his arms and does not violate the natural course of life, everything will be fine. Confucianism is closer to reality. It teaches that in society the order will be preserved if all people begin to fulfill the role and duties assigned to them. For this, Confucianism defines all social roles as the relationship of the ruler and the subordinate, the father and the
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