Daoism Narrative Report

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They say Christian parents make Christian babies, Daoism parents make Daoism children. They say this is a universal formula.

I tell them it’s NOT true.

I was born to a family under the influence of multi-religion. My parents are Protestants while one of my two uncles is a Taoist, the other one and my grandfather are Buddhists. I read the Bible, Tao Teh Ching by the very first Taoist Zhuang Zi and Buddhist sutras during my childhood. I remember my hands wrapped in theirs when I stepped into temples of different religions to sense how stirring could be to believe something strongly.

To the surprise of those who met me, I’ve never been forced to believe any of three religions but had opportunities to get to know them, to people who believe
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At the summer of my second year in high school, with the encouragement of my family, I enrolled to the Sumer Latin Course in Rome to study not only ecclesiastical Latin but also Catholic culture.

Summer’s heat wave swept across the Apennine Peninsula. I sat silently in that church, wearing a shirt and trousers while many tourists fussed around with T- shirts and shorts on. “Ubi anguelus Domini visus erit, tuba victoria super universam terram audietur.” “When Angel of the Lord will be seen, the trumpet of victory shall be heard all over the land.” It had been days after we learned it in a Latin grammar lesson, but that sentence rose right to the surface to my head just after I cracked open my eyes to the fracas on the dome of Church of Sant’Ignazio.

I have no capability to foresee whether I will hold any kind of belief, but what I am certain about is that I will always be holding an open minded attitude and eager to learn the unknown.

I blinked clear my vision long before the alarm clock of my mobile phone went off. It was the day we would be attending a Mass in a Roman Catholic Church, my first time of watching a sacrament with bare eyes, to contact closely with rituals of
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