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The question of whether CEO in the family-owned company plays such a crucial role in the case of employee satisfaction has been considered for a long time. Hence, for a master’s thesis has been chosen such theme: An investigation on factors affecting satisfaction of employees with special reference to family-owned company - Danos Valuations LLC. The master thesis paper was based on the theoretical background of the research. Family firms - from small local shops and millions of small and medium-sized enterprises (which are the backbone for majority of economies) to multinational companies-giants such as Swatch, Samsung and the BMW, - have always played an important role in stimulating economic growth. Despite the fact that in the second half…show more content…
The company “Danos Valuations LLC” is at the second stage of its development, the second generation is at the management board. On this stage is particularly important to maintain team work and harmony, sustain family ownership and succession to lead to job satisfaction for employees and company prosperity overall. The company was established in 1968 and has been well known in Cyprus and abroad. But the problems (high employee turnover, decrease in profit) in the company began with economy crisis in 2008. The problems still exists until nowadays, but as a main barrier on the way to success of the company seems to be is the need to improve an internal environment in the firm. It is relevant to research what specifically are the factors and the reasons that affect employee satisfaction, and what can be the best approach to reach high level of job satisfaction. The author’s interest in such research is the fact that the number of family-owned businesses (FOB) is rapidly increasing and the issue of employee’s satisfaction (ES) is a common matter in such type of…show more content…
In the paper were explored theoretical aspects of job satisfaction, motivation, employee engagement, family-owned businesses and relationship of all this spheres. The paper consists of 4 main chapters: Chapter 1 is focused on the theoretical research on JS: the notion of JB and FOC, variables affecting JS, theories of JS and EM and describes an importance of EE. Chapter 2 describes the business sector and company, competitors, presents statistics, financial data and SWOT analysis. Chapter 3 presents the analysis of an assessment and focused particularly on the results of data received from the interviews. Chapter 4 clarifies the methods which could increase the level of ES in the company, recommendations and conclusions. Each subchapter is accompanied with brief conclusions. The research period was divided into 5 time periods / steps: 12 March- discussion with the thesis supervisor; 21 March – 2 April / week 1 – identification of the theoretical background; 4 – 9 April / week 2 – obtaining secondary data; 11 – 16 April / week 3 – finalizing secondary data; starting interviews; 18 – 23 April / week 4- obtaining primary

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