How Does Daphnia Magna Affect The Environment

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Water pollution is a very prevalent problem throughout the world. It affects ecosystems, deters the natural food chain, and can cause disease in both animals and humans. But is water pollution affecting natural lakes and ponds in local areas? In this experiment, Daphnia magna will be used in a bioassay to find if water from local areas is habitable for aquatic organisms. Daphnia magna are small freshwater invertebrate organisms. They are commonly used in bioassays and experiments because they are sensitive to changes. Their heart rate and what they eat can be monitored through a telescope, since their bodies are transparent. In this experiment, Daphnia magna are used to monitor water pollutants in the water samples. If their heart rate increases and they are not eating, this indicates a high level of stress. Daphnia magna are a food source for many fish. Although they are very tolerant of poor water quality, Daphnia magna are very sensitive to changes in the ionic composition of their environment. Because Daphnia magna are sensitive to changes in their environment, they are being used in this experiment to…show more content…
Direct sources of water pollution include runoff, industrial waste, sewage, and human waste. Indirect sources include air pollution and sediment from construction sites. Industrial waste can lead to air pollution, which can ultimately lead to the pollution of water. This is also called atmospheric pollution. Atmospheric pollution is caused by pollutants such as smoke from factories entering the atmosphere and being carried to waterways. Industrial waste can also create polluted runoff that collects in rivers and lakes. Another reason for water pollution is chemically treated sewage. This water carries harmful chemicals and high amounts of bacteria, which can potentially lead to serious diseases. Runoff from fields can contain chemical fertilizers and pesticides which can pollute

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