Essay On Daphnia Magna

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Daphnia magna is a transparent water flea species found in rocky pools along the Atlantic Ocean. The Daphnia’s body is encased in a clear structure called carapace (Elenbaas, 2013). The exoskeleton, carapace, provides protection for the Daphnia magna, “The portion of the hard exoskeleton, or shell, that covers all or part of the body of many crustaceans…” (“Definition, n.d.). The heart can be easily seen under a light microscope due to the transparency of the skin (Handy, 2012). A variety of factors can change the heart rate of Daphnia. According to Richard Handy (2012), “The heart rate (which can be up to 300 beats per minute) can be monitored and counted in different conditions – for example changing water temperature, or changing the type

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