Daravuth Cambodian Orphan

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This annotation is on a journal entry on a the character named Daravuth who lived in an orphanage during the khmer rouge period. The character Daravuth was a cambodian orphan who didn 't know much about his childhood, because of the khmer rouge, and moving from place to place as a child,and having memory loss. Being a cambodian orphan it was hard for people like him, and other orphans to live, but somehow he found ways to make money, and avoid military conscription. The decision Daravuth made was trying to get over his memory loss, daravuth had have a wedding and build his house over the orphanage that he used to live in. Why Daravuth did this is because this is where he started everything, and this is where all his friends live, he didn 't want to stay away from the orphanage.…show more content…
He doesn 't remember a lot about the orphanage because he had some memory loss growing up, and that 's another reason why he built his house over his old orphanage, he had it hard when the khmer rouge came. When he was younger Daravuth, and his brothers, sisters, and parents had to travel to the kien svay village, where the khmer rouge was, and they ate there, but he didn 't like the food because it was mainly pork fat, then took a boat to a place called the kompong cham province where he was separated from his family. Having memory loss growing, he forgot who his mother was, but back when he was a child he remembered a woman calling him sonny, and said that she was his mother, but he didn 't recognize who she was, he couldn 't even remember if the ones he called his brothers and sisters were actually his brothers and sisters, he just called them his foster family. Having memory loss as a child and growing up with it , Daravuth couldn 't remember, and also forgot a lot of what happen, and all the frustrating life he used to live
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