Darcy-Beth In Pride And Prejudice

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Jane Austen’s ‘’Pride and Prejudice’’ revolves around the connection between two major characters, Darcy and Elizabeth, in which demonstrates their influential capability. Due to Eliza-beth’s social status, Darcy is considered to be proud and arrogant revealing his pride by which he treats her insincerely. Consequently, the key characters contribute by adding various reasons for making misguided judgements on one another. However, many obstacles caused Darcy and Eliza-beth to change their feelings and their perspective. The first impressions of the major characters af-fected the chain of events that occurred throughout the novel.

In this novel, Mr. Darcy is viewed as an essential character due to his important role in the society. He is considered
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Wickham appears to be super charming, kind, and a really good looking man who is why Elizabeth was able to be fooled by him, once he chose to play with her mind and convince her that Darcy is a bad person. In fact, Wickham made her believe that Mr. Dar-cy is the one who took away everything Wickham has. Unfortunately, Elizabeth starts to believe the lies he spreads, and her prejudice and anger towards Darcy starts to grow even more. Moreover, Elizabeth receives news that says Darcy is the one who stopped an upcoming marriage of Jane and Bingley which filled her with feelings of disappointment. Moreover, Darcy does not deny the fact that he separated Jane and Bingley "I have no wish of denying that I did every thing in my power to separate my friend from your sister, or that I rejoice in my success. Towards him I have been kind-er than towards myself" (Austen 223). On the other hand, Darcy also finds reasons to have a bad impression of Elizabeth. Due to Elizabeth’s family and their embarrassing acts, Darcy does not see the real inner beauty of Elizabeth. Mrs. Bennet seems to be a tiresome and annoying person whose desire is to see her daughters getting married and does not seem to care about anything else in the world. Obviously, Elizabeth is embarrassed by her mother’s lack of social grace since she is not desperate to lock in with
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