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The Silent Something – Chapter One
Winter sucks for unfortunate four eyed people like me. Ugly emotions disappearing over the glorious summer only to return the second Melbourne was hit with a cold breeze. Dread, frustration, hatred, embarrassment.
My dread of dashing to and from the lockers to avoid getting my glasses wet. The frustration as I wipe away the raindrops that managed to make it to my glasses despite using my umbrella, blazer and maths textbook to shield me from the self-centred rain. My hatred at the hideous streaks of rain that wreck my perfect vision results from my failed attempts at windscreen wiping my glasses. My embarrassment as my mates greet me as ‘Specs’ when I finally make it to the safety and shelter of the school
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The people we bump into whilst laughing our asses off give us dirty looks or yell at us, but we don’t notice. Or more accurately, we do notice but we don’t give a fuck.
“Finn! Patrick! Are you guys being dicks without me?”
Darcy Calloway. I don’t want this to be like some Regina George shit where I go on about the cool stuff he’s done and worship him like some God. But Darcy is quite simply the best of the best. He’s smart, athletic, attractive, charming and apparently very big down there (not my observations). Teachers love him, parents love him, girls love him, and the boys also love him. He’s ruled the halls since year seven, and even now, whatever he says goes.
How did I become such good friends with someone like Darcy Calloway? Gets a little complicated, but back in year seven it was just Darcy and Finn. They were the two popular kids. While they were pulling the girls, I was chasing after a ball on the school’s oval. Naïve baby me, with dreams of high school popularity by captaining the football team. Little did I know popularity at Barrymore Rose Private School did not come because of your talent, but because of your
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Don’t expect respect when you don’t show any respect, Patrick.”
“Says the whore.”
Her jaw drops though she quickly regains her composure, getting out of her seat to tower over mine, “You are an imbecile, Patrick Winston. Self-respect means respecting myself, and my decisions. Despite regretting my decision to sleep with that dickhead Darcy, I have loads of respect for myself. As for yours and Harry’s respect I neither care about it nor do I want it, because you two are a bunch of uneducated, misogynistic assholes that desperately need to go and fuck themselves.”
She hurriedly picks up her Mt Everest of books and bolts out the classroom door, not even waiting for her name to get ticked off. Ignoring the curious looks the rest of the class and teacher are giving me, I pretend that what happens between Kora and I doesn’t bother me. But I’m kinda sick of
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