Dare Me Reflection

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Book name: Dare Me

Date: 07/11/17

Class: English 11H Text to Text Connection

When I first started reading the book “Dare Me” by Eric Devine I noticed the idea of becoming popular by doing extreme dares was very similar to the one of “Nerve” . Very few details of the book were different, the location was different. Nerve took place in new york city and the book Dare ME doesn 't really disclose where it takes place. Another thing that was different between the two was that in dare me they had their face hidden on the uploaded video so that no one knew it was them doing the dares where as in nerve people knew who you were because you were live streaming as you did the dare. The concept of doing the dares to gain popularity/ money was that same in both book. Also well as the idea of doing life threatening dares was a common thread within both of the books. Personal Reflection

I love how detailed the author was in writing about the descriptions of the dares and of the people in the book. When the characters in the book were doing their dare the author described how the wind felt
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So far their plan is to keep posting ten dares in hopes to get people 's attention from people from their school for their last year. When they posted their first video of a dare they made sure that their face was blurred out in the video. I 'm confused on why they would blur out their face if they 're hoping to get gain popularity when people don 't even know it 's them that 's doing that dare. Another thing i 'm confused about is is how some people did know it was them even though their faces were blurred out in the video. There are many problems with their plans such as one of the boys are moving and won 't tell the other boys so they would keep planning on doing dares for everyone that is involved when one of them won 't even be there to
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