Darfur Dystopian Society

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Darfur is one of many countries on this planet that have a dystopian system, and a dystopia is very common thing. First of all, Darfur became a dystopian country when the Khartoum government neglected the request of help from the civilians of Darfur. A dystopian society is an unbalanced relationship between the government and civilians; Omar al-Bashir and the Khartoum government are the important people of Darfur that are controlling and terrorizing Darfur instilling fear in everyone. One can examine that Omar al- Bashir’s choices were very influencing on Darfur, his impacts had an enormous effect on normal civilians or another nation, and how genres of literature can be used as a tool in educating people about the progression towards
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Finally, the genres of literature can help educate people about dystopian society and progression towards equality. In the region of the west side of Sudan, the government is being more intense in the Darfur conflict than in other conflicts in the past, which begs the reason that Sudan has become a dystopian society, and that our government should try to work to make Sudan progress towards equality. Millions of people were innocent civilians, until the Darfur Genocide started. People describe as a gruesome crisis. Furthermore, the conflict in Darfur can be compared to the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. The Rwanda incident is when Rwanda’s president was killed when his plane got shot down, and soon after that incident a civil war started. The Darfur genocide has resulted in 400,000 people who met their demise, which shows how frightening and serious this crisis is. West Sudan’s Darfur region problems from 2003 are the big reason why there is genocide in Darfur. “The conflict in west Sudan 's Darfur region flared in 2003 when two rebel groups rose up against the government, accusing it of wilful neglect” (At a Glance). Genres of literature can be used as educational tools to tell the people that their is a big problem, which is involving dystopian societies and development toward equal
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