Daric Morden Character Analysis

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Daric Morgan’s wife gets shot right in front of him next to his truck and in front of a hospital. The wife says,” Daric help me take me in the hospital and tell them I have been shot and that I am pregnant.” So Daric takes them in and tells them everything. Daric Morden is an FBI agent and he is so mad that when he finds this guy that he is going to make sure that he pays for this, for shooting my wife. He states,” Once I find this man then I am going to make him pay for what he did to my wife.” The killer calls Morgan’s team to get them into it and once they found out they just started driving to the hospital right away to see if everything was okay. Daric Morgan investigated the man who shot his wife, who is going to have a baby and wants it to be a boy. The victim states,” you will pay for this because of what you did to my son. The Victim also states,” You will pay for this because of what you did to my son, YOU KILLED HIM! My boy was the world to me.” Once he was done talking to him one of the partners showed him of what the killer left for him…show more content…
He doesn't know where it is at still. Sense Daric Morgan is an FBI agent then he should know how to work with guns and to do certain thing with they to take them away from the victim when they are holding it up at them. He managed to be alive and knock him down to the certain away so he doesn’t have the gun in his hands anymore. Once his team found out about it they arrived right on time to take the victim into custody. The only way that they know that where they were. That on of Daric Morgan's partner is a laptop genius and knows how to find there GPS signal and so that how they got

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