Dario Fo's The Accidental Death Of An Anarchist

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Dario Fo’s play The Accidental Death of an Anarchist is a farce based on a 1969 incident in which an anarchist railway worker, Giuseppe Pinelli, who was arrested as a suspect of terrorist bombing, fell out of a fourth floor window, raising questions as to whether he jumped or was pushed out of the fourth floor window, at a police station during the course of an interrogation in Milan. Fo set out to use the events as an inspiration to write one of his most successful play. However, the madman is the only character who is not taken from the people involved in actual happening. In the play, the central character called the “Madman” is the prime protagonist who resorts to attack the powerful and speak on the behalf of those whose voices the authorities are unwilling to hear. Dario Fo’s motive behind the play and the…show more content…
Following lines depict his excitement for the same, “To work, Counsel to the Enquiry, you young genius, time is short. Ah, there will never be another chance like this…If I can convince them that I’m a real High Court reviewer, if I don’t let them throw me, then I will be a judge.” (1.1.378-345). After introducing himself as Marco Maris Malipiero, First Counsel to the High Court, to Inspector Pislani, the madman begins to interrogate the police officers who were present when the anarchist died. While playing this part, he had within himself the logic and reasoning like that of an actual judge, which assisted him in discovering the inconsistencies in the false account given by the authorities. He does this very cleverly, proving that he is far saner than anyone else. At one point in the play, when he madman is able to convince the Superintendent that he was there to make the position of the police unassailable. The Superintendent says that, “I’m very touched. It’s reassuring for a policeman to know that he can still count on the judiciary as a
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