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I am very happy with the outcome of my Summative assessment. It is true to my designs and has a clear Dark Crystal influence. I was happy with the effect of the texture I created on the face, as it is still clearly fur texture but is more visible and bolder due to the fact it is not on the entire face. The swirls give it some depth and are inspired by the Dark Crystal. I am happy with the eyeliner, which is heavily inspired by Cat’s the Musical makeup, as it is quite dramatic and enhances her eyes into a more feline feature. Although I did experience some transferring with the gel liner, which meant I had to go off from my design and blend black eye shadow into the crease. I thought this added a bit more depth and drama, and enhanced the eye…show more content…
For the hair, I am happy I changed my design as it worked better with the makeup look, and with the rest of my group’s makeup and hair. I feel it is a lot more effective and secure in this method than the previous, and t also highlights the makeup as the hair is away from the face. In these pictures I can see that one ear is slightly curved compared to the other, due to a bend in the wire. To counteract this I would need to make the wire shape stronger and make sure that when I am wrapping the hair around that it isn’t moving the shape too much. I was really happy with the air style over all, including the back of the hair as it had a lot of texture and volume. I concealed the pins I used well and was neat with the wrapping and backcombing of the hair for the ears. The hair elements works harmoniously together. Overall this hair and makeup went well, I completely in neatly and competently in the given time scale with a close representation of my design which was effective and works well for a theatre

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