The Dark Night Film Analysis

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The central theme of the Dark night trilogy is fear and it occurs frequently throughout the three films in different ways. There are various ways in which fear is shown in the trilogy. It is shown through fear of other characters naming The Joker and Bane. It is also shown through objects such as bats and isolation is the final way in which fear is portrayed.

Bats as a creature symbolize fear, evil and death. The fear of bats first portrayed when Bruce Wayne falls down the well which results in bats attacking him and him being terrified. When his dad eventually recues him from the well he says “why do we fall Bruce?” “So we can pick ourselves back up again.” This is symbolic because Bruce as a young child has to go through life on his
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Bruce Wayne first fears isolation when he falls down the well while playing in his garden with Rachel Daws as a young child. The way in which he experiences isolation is through being struck down in the well before his dad comes saves him. The next way in which he experiences isolation is when his parents are murdered and following this tragic occurrence he is left heartbroken, scarred and scared. On that night the innocent Bruce Wayne dies with them and the character of Batman is born. The pearls are also a creation of Batman as they also contributed to his parent’s death. Bruce Wayne feels that he has let his father down after what Rachel said to him “your father would be ashamed of you!” He fears this as well and overcomes this fear through the heroic triumph through Batman in the end of The Dark Knight Rises. It is still a very different person that ruled the streets of Gotham then the one if his parents would not have been killed, the person that Rachel could not love. He is still the dark knight, but he has risen.

The theme of fear is an often reoccurring one throughout the trilogy. It is portrayed by various characters, themes, objects and symbols. It could be said that Christopher Nolan really used fear well in the Trilogy. The way that he used occurrences of fear from the first film and brought them back in the third film really got the observers attention and made it really interesting to
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