Dark Places Book Report

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Found among the shadows of the presidential library are many important works. Some of which are not politically inclined. The first edition of dark places resides here. A story of misguided youth and lost souls which seems to be Americas broken record. The reality of the matter being that stories like this are often true or based on factual events that have been swept under the rug so to speak Gillian Glenn 's second novel dark places shows that she had many additional inspiring works to come. Flynn even gained the respect of other known artists as Stephen King and many positive reviews from the country. This book brings you in and makes you relate and acknowledged everything that is going on. Each character one by one . Each characters view…show more content…
The Americas family in 1990s was not always sunshine and roses. Like Libby 's family they felt with the the abstinent of their parents . Even taking place in a rural farm in Iowa Kentucky the day family is not exempt from the penalties in life. In the beginning Libby starts out at seven years old girl living on the family farm with her mother, brothers and two sisters. Ben Libby 's young brother as all teenager boys start to have an intent to girls. It would eventually be his intent that leads to the down fall for their whole family. The father of the family dinner is a hopeless drunk that is and out of the family 's lives. Been kisses a younger girl and the story quickly escaltes in the hands of the authorities. Even being under the girl in question which came from a proper home was seeking attention unfortunately at bens family 's expense. This was the start of bens downfall Ben was a quiet young boy not very popular . His girlfriend was very dominating and very much controlled Ben. Diodes bend girlfriend was a rebellious teenage girl with often no parental supervision. Together with their friend trey they would loaf around town smoking pot and drinking beer. Diondras pregnancy did not steer her unwillingly behavior. With her parents soon returning home the troubled couple sooned to figure out what they would do with their lives and soon with their new child
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