Dark Romanticism Analysis

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To start lets state what's Romanticism. Romanticism values beliefs and emotions as more important than logic or facts. Involves the worship of nature. So, the romanticism is a genre steeped in complex emotions and expressions of individualism. Dark romanticism is distinguished from romanticism in its emphasis on human fallibility, sin and sometimes agony, in other words they are really pessimist, meanwhile romanticism believe in human goodness so they are optimist. This book truly reflects all the characteristics of Dark Romanticism here is why. Everything starts whit a "picture of death" what i mean about this Is that the first thing he makes you feel or imagine is a panel of black-robed and bale-faced judges. This story takes place during the Spanish Inquisition. The author of the book makes you feel every emotion the main character felt during his journey of victory. The story rolls in an absolute dark dungeon, where he was trapped and tied down by a sort of wooden rack that only allows him to use his left hand, with this hand he started measuring step by step trying to imagine the place he was into, in between he felt asleep a lot by how long knows who. In a moment of anguish, the main character looks for a way to scape reality or to become reality. From a second to another there is a strong light illuminating the whole room, the first…show more content…
If I put my self in his position I wouldn't know what to do I would just die there. The book really express the worst of human and the Dark romanticism it self, by showing the ways mans used to torture it own race. Its well shown the agony, the fear, the spectrum of the pendulum. I can empathize withe feeling of the character of fear of dying and most important of all dying of boredom. I really liked the book because of the detailing and the way the author involves you to the reading and all the word I learned after this
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