Dark Romanticism In Poe's Ligeia By Edgar Allan Poe

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Romanticism first originated in Germany, then France, then England . The publication of the Lyrical Ballade marked the romantic movement in England . In 1800, the first romantic poem book was published for the first time, by Samuel Coleridge and William Wordsworth. It took 20 years to reach America . This movement was very well received , practiced and flourished in America. Dark romanticism is part of the American renaissance called the American romanticism . Dark romanticism and Romanticism in England shared a lot of features together . Both of these schools emphasized the concept of sensation over calculation, nature over reason . The sole purpose of these schools is to delight and enjoy not teach morals or values. It is an art for art 's sake. However, dark romanticism differ from romanticism in England in its dark themes. Dark romanticism literary works associated with gothic and horror mixed with awe. On other hand, romanticism works were full with sense of peace and bright images. Dark romanticism had many famous figures including, Edgar Allan Poe. This paper will discuss Poe 's" Ligeia" as representative of dark romanticism . The focus of the analysis will be about certain aspects of dark romanticism . These elements are improbable plot, subjectivity, unlikely characterization and the remote settings.

Review of Literature

A lot of work were done on Poe 's short story "Liegia". While some research
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