Dark Romanticism In The Village

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The movie The Village showed mixed elements of both Transcendentalism and Dark Romanticism. Dark Romanticism means the dark part of nature and the human soul while Transcendentalism means the opposite of Dark Romanticism which means they see the good side of nature and human soul. These mixed characteristics were shown in the movie like gothic symbolism, darkness or madness of the human mind, and love in nature. The village was about people who went away from society to live in a simple life away from sorrow and heartache. The people were not to cross the boundaries or else they would face those they don't speak of. They feared them which made them stay in the lands and away from the towns. In this movie it had showed characters that inherited…show more content…
The character that had showed these characteristics is Noah Perry. To illustrate why this character matches the element is when he had stabbed Lucious. The reason why he did that is because he had heard about the engagement between him and his dearest friend Ivy Walker. He was crying and angry that he stabbed him but he knew what he was doing was wrong so he was angry with himself but it didn’t stop him from trying to kill him. The second example when he had escaped his quiet room and dressed as those “they don’t speak of” and goes to the woods. He had scared ivy into thinking it was the creatures that were real after all. He had tried to come upon her and chased after her thinking it was a game. He had even pushed her down out of fun and games. He was then tricked by ivy when she “proceeding” to fall into the hole but she quickly moved out of the way for him to fall instead and died. The third and last reason why Noah had played such a role that had madness is when he had skinned the animals. The animal should be killed by one of the elders but he would skinned them for fun and leaves them out on the in obvious places such as outside the school and on corn field. He had also killed and skinned the pig and hung them on the porches of the villagers when the wedding of ivy’s big sister kitty was interrupted by a couple of boys who were scared. The boys had seen the creature hanging the pigs on the
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