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Light Skin or Dark Skin – We Are Still Black The world is not just Black and White. African American skin spectrum ranges from a variety of different colors. We are many different shades of brown, it is not that simple. We as African Americans has been discriminated for more than 100 years based on the color of our skin. We were treated unequally by the white government and white people in our community. But now we are being discriminated by people in our own race. Why? – because of the color of our skin. Color discrimination has been around for many years. During the slavery times, lighter skin slaves would be in the house while the darker slaves would be outside. I am not saying it is 100 percent true, but that is what my parents and their parents and so on told them. I blame society for the racism within a race. Society has made African Americans dislike each other because of the color of their skin. The media, television, and magazines mostly show African Americans who have lighter skin. Lighter skin meaning skin closest to the color of white. If you were not light skin, you were thought to be ugly. On a more personal level, I am African American. I am neither light skin nor dark skin. However, in the summer time in the southern parts of New Orleans, I tend to be closer to the dark side. I was born in a society that categorizes…show more content…
Instead of putting ourselves through racism we should uplift each other. We need to teach young girls that their skin is beautiful no matter what color. Reflecting on my own life, I need to start loving my skin and stop trying to change it. Social media, the fashion community, and Hollywood need to portray more dark skin girls. Dark skin is beautiful. Light skin is beautiful. Brown is beautiful. The African American community is turning into the people that broke us down and took our human rights. Every shade of our people is beautiful and we need to learn

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