Dark They Were And Golden Eyed Analysis

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Dark They Were, And Golden Eyed Dark They Were, And Golden Eyed by Ray Bradbury is a sci-fi short story following the main character, Harry Bittering’s, life on Mars. The focal point of this essay is Harry Bittering’s internal battles, looking into his feelings denial and motivation, that are present during the duration of the story as his opinion changes as he say, “I’ll eat only food from our Deep Freeze. Food that came from Earth. Nothing from our garden.” to agreeing to eat the food grown on Mars once the food from the Deep Freeze had depleted.

First, let’s look at Mr. Bittering’s feeling about the move to Mars. Since the Bittering’s landed on Mars Mr. Bittering felt like he was being suffocated and unable to escape. Harry Bittering’s First impression of Mars was, “the tissues of his body draw tight as if he were standing at the center of a vacuum.” Making the readers feel his anxiety and fears. Mr. Bittering’s strong distressed feelings only continued to grow throughout the story as he also feels he’s the last
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Bittering’s motivation from when he decides to build a rocket till the end. As Mr. Bittering continued his construction of the escape rocket along with two of his friends, he slows down the rate of the construction and is constantly having questions about his motivation as the surrounding events become more and more clear. There is a part of him that just wants to quit and give in but his human side’s moral is too strong to give in without a fight. Eventually though that part of him, the Martian part, takes over and his former identity is erased. As he surrenders to the overwhelming influence of Mars he says, “We’ll go back to town maybe next year or the year after, or the year after that” indicating that he has no motivation or reason for returning to the life of an Earth man. Those his personality is completely different he has no more memories or sentimentalities of when he was still a human Earth
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