Dark Tourism In Jamaica

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Sample Population
Our purpose is to know how we will get dark tourism practice in Jamaica and how we can introduce other parishes like; Falmouth, Clarendon, and St Thomas of Jamaica. Our Participants are the pucker churches, historical and heritage sites that we have in Jamaica that is not recognized. This study will be taking place at 20 South Camp Road, Excelsior Community College by two students.
In doing the research we realized that there is not much research done on dark tourism in the Caribbean, however dark tourism is practiced in Jamaica but not openly and on a wide scale. A factor contributing to this is the lack of development of the local heritage sites in the country.
There was a study done by Copeland Stupart on The Development
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Time is a key element in research Design and this study will be using the Longitudinal which is where we will use not one places that deals with Dark tourism, but all the countries that have used dark tourism before and we will be looking at the development and changes that dark tourism is going to do to Jamaica. We will also be viewing how dark tourism is being utilized in the other countries that are known to practicing Dark tourism.
Instruments used in survey
Dark tourism in Jamaica is very interesting as it helps to showcase the rich culture and there is so much it can offer. To get a better understanding for marketable purposes as well as to aid in its development in Jamaica, much data is needed. In order to collect data for Dark Tourism in Jamaica the use of questionnaires, archival research, visits to historical sites, interviews and observations so as to re-form and analyze the situation to assist with its development.
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There will be some down fall to how this product will be delivered, but that won’t stop the progress.
The format which this result will take its course; firstly we will give a short introduction of the study, secondly we will talk about the method of research design and in that same path we choose Causal questions and from that we when to stating the Longitudinal time for research, thirdly, we identify the instrument use in the survey this is where we identify the way in which we will be collecting data such as question, interview and etc., fourthly we seek to find out if the research is to be reliability or validity and state why.
It’s very vivid that observation and analysis of having Dark Tourism in Jamaica will have impact and to clear the impact we have to involve the communities. This research goes deeply into answering questions that begin with “how” and “why” and combines data collection methods. We will also have these results and help build the community and the
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