Dark Zone Narrative

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“Wake up,you 're late” a voice rang.As I lifted my head of the pillow I noticed that my alarm clock showed that it was 10:53.
“Oh shoot!How did you guys let me sleep in three extra hours?”I asked in a tired voice
“We don’t have time for whining so get to work”The soldier demanded before slapping me across the back of the head.
“Okay,you don’t have to get violent”I replied rubbing the back of my head.
As I strolled passed jealous faces looking for my crew I noticed something unusual.A new face is unusual here in the Yellow Zone.Although this area is mostly cleared of those undead freaks,they still don’t let recruits so young in.
“Hey Cap 'n,who 's the new kid”I asked
“Funny you ask,he is the new addition to your crew”The captain answered
Then a thought shot to the top of my head.They 're sending us to the Dark Zone.We are getting sent to the most dangerous zone.My crew is going to be the third crew to venture the Dark Zone.
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“Hey are you part of Crew 173”a voice disrupts my thoughts
“Yes.Why do you need to know”I asked the boy
“Hi,I’m Taylor,I was brought here to join your crew as a Private”He answered
“Well,I’m Corben,your commander.”I informed him,”But don’t get too attached to camp,we’re going to the Dark Zone.”
“What’s that?”He asked
“Well there’s Lurkers and the Dark Zone militia”I told Taylor.
We started cleaning out our tents for supplies to take on our mission.The other crews sit there and enjoy their lives in the Yellow Zone.Not a single group has returned from this mission.Our group includes Sgt.Niels,Pvt.Taylor,Lt.Shepard,and me.As the large,steel door of the Yellow Zone opened,we witnessed destruction and heard the footsteps of the lurkers attracted by the sound.
“Wait,you can’t do this to us!Please,no!”Niels cried.
“Well, that doesn’t matter because they just did ”I told Niels
“Sorry guys I cannot take this”Niels told us as he sprinted

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