Darkness: A Gothic Short Story

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Darkness encroaching upon me, pitched black, ambient, yet devoid of light. I seldom make out the human shaped silhouette which is myself and return to my feet. As I picked myself off this warm yet invisible ground my senses seemed to have been abnormally heightened. I notice that my body is moving on its own until I’ve kicked a metallic object of some sorts. I picked it up and identified it as some sort of lighter, and used it in attempt to relieve this near impenetrable darkness. Somewhere far off into the distance time I hear a deep bellowing sound of a church bell. I continued pushing forward until I found myself in some terrifyingly familiar street sometime late into the night. The only other sources of light that I can identify are the dimmed porch lights of the surrounding homes yet so very few are lit while the moon serves as a primary source of light. I continue to walk on mere impulse though suddenly a bloodcurdling demon-like scream causes me to recoil from pure instinct. My heart beat significantly rose as I buried my face into my arms in attempt try to calm my sudden hyperventilation. I have a horrible omen that this situation is some premonition towards a perilous fate. I looked to my…show more content…
I turned away from this driveway though a giant white colored dilapidated gate emitting a strange black aura appeared behind me and blocks my only way out. I desperately just want to leave so I had intentions of hopping the fence though the gate slammed itself open releasing a fury of wind which nearly knocks me back as I threw my arms in front of my face as if I could block this immense force. As soon as the wind ceased I found myself imbibed in that dark aura and within a matter of seconds it had consumed me whole as I reached toward the sky hoping I could cling on to something to break free from it all… then I heard a painfully familiar voice speak to
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