Darla Davis Arguments Against The Taxes

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In debate Darla Davis discusses the Taxes imposed on the American Colonists by Parliament. First not everyone in parliament believe that taxation of the colonies was right thing to do. According to Darla’s Article, Will Pitt and Edmund Burke, were two members of the parliament that under stood why the colonist were opposing the tax. Colonist were opposing men felt that the opposition from the colonists concerning the taxes existed, because the colonist had been practically ignored by England since having been established. Pritt and Burke obviously considered the colonists’ opposition to taxation by the parliament to be a form of rebellion for having been ignored for hundreds of years. The American colonies had been allowed to govern themselves with interference. Why should they have to be dictated to them now? Why should they have to make payments to a parliament that had nothing to do with them for hundreds years. “England could not afford to be left out of any acquisitions. The French, the Dutch, and the Spanish had already claimed territories there, and England could not allow herself to be left behind any of these countries.” ( The King and Queen of England were so “out of sight and out of mind” current members of Parliament ever set foot on American soil.…show more content…
(Roark, Johnson, Cohen, Stage, & Hartmann) These troops were kept up in America even after the French had surrendered their possessions in Canada to Great Britain. Their proceeded with vicinity was to shield the settlers from Indian intrusions and also French striking back along the outskirts. On the whole, the English Crown caused $2 million under water while battling against the French and securing the
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