Darre Darren's Trauma Baby Trilogy

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Repercussions of a vicious fight at school leaves Lucy in a coma, Isaac the bully sent to another juvenile prison and sixteen-year-old orphaned David locked away at Manrazor the worst of the juvenile prisons. Young David can be a tough guy however, has a gentle heart that never desires to bully the younger kids like the others. Determined he sets out to find the gang leader in control and bring him down. But David fights his own inner demons that always manages to land him in “ Byron” the name for solitary. Where he reads the stories on the walls left behind by those before him and calms the beast within. Greg, one of the guards who dreams of being the warden nevertheless, lacks the tough guy facade, befriends him. Miss Ellison, his teacher from his former school, along with Emma his therapist try to set him on the right path sometimes confiding too much in the young boy.…show more content…
After reading book one I just had to know what happens in young David’s journey and the author does not disappoint. Psychologically and physically young David is on the cusp of manhood as he fights the demons within. Though dark and troubling within the teenager’s mind he is still a good boy at heart. The readers will find themselves captivatingly drawn in, wondering as adulthood approaches is David on the path of destruction or will his troubled mind break free from the torment. Powerful and emotionally charged read that does not disappoint, leading one to wonder what will book three
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