Darrel R Falk Chapter Summary

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When working in the science fields there are many obstacles a person of faith may face. The biggest of these is the controversy over the concept of evolution and how the world came into being. Atheists and evolutionists are always trying to find ways to disprove God with science. However, after spending several years learning about how nature and chemicals work together to form our world it is hard for me to imagine that all of it came into existence without a creator. Throughout this book the author, Darrel R. Falk, argues from his personal journey as a professing evangelical Christian and biologist, that only science, and not scripture, can reveal the details of creation. In the first chapter, the author talks about how, when one is living with both science and religion; it is like trying to live in two worlds at once. Falk spoke about how he grew up in a church that taught a literal view of Genesis, but those in leadership were not equipped to answer his questions about contradictions between the Bible and the real world. For this reason, Faulk drifted away from Christianity towards a life studying biology. Eventually he…show more content…
Falk seems to be oblivious of the assumptions used in debates on origins, and of the difference between data and understandings of data. No one has a way to go back in time and study our history, so all ideas must be based upon assumptions. Those assumptions are the foundation of our worldview, which is our central belief about where the world came from and how it became what it is today. The Bible has many verses about the timing of creation and God’s hand in it. God spoke the Universe, heavens, Earth, life, and man into existence (Genesis 1; Psalm 33:6, 9; 148:5; John 1:1-3). Falk took on a secular worldview and he attempted to change the Bible to fit this worldview. In doing this he may have done more harm than
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