Lord Of The Rings Movie Analysis

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Darrel’s return stage in the novel consists of many inferences, as we don’t know the end to his journey that will allow the reader to see the final steps. Darrel experiences a refusal of return, in which he has become so used to and has enjoyed taking responsibility of Ponyboy and Soda, that he experiences refusal of ever going back to his old life. His return though, the magic flight, can most likely be inferred when Ponyboy gets in danger, like in the book, and Darrel must come and rescue him from whatever he has gotten himself into. After that, he experiences his rescue from without in which he is brought back to his old life by powerful guides, which are most likely Ponyboy and Soda, as they feel they have been raised well by him and don’t…show more content…
For example, the Star Wars movies follow each and every step of the hero’s journey and are easily identified in each movie due to the layout. In addition, the Lord of the Rings series follows this literary structure that tells a hero’s journey; in these movies, the steps are more difficult to see, but the structure is still used even in the prequel The Hobbit. The Disney movie producers have resorted to using this structure to create some of its biggest movies such as Finding Nemo, Frozen, and The Lion King. In creative ways, the structure is seen throughout the movie in different manners that allows for the successful revenue the movie brings in even though it is very similar in every movie. An example of using the structure in a creative manner is that in Finding Nemo, a figurative play on words was used as the belly of the whale moment occurred in the whale. All of these movies follow the same exact structure but yet are so successful for the way producers approach such a layout even though the end of each movie is…show more content…
The structure has caused authors to only use this structure to write their novels and the same for directors and producers. Only sometimes is their mild differences in the works they created in which provides some creativity, but little to none. The original use of heroes no longer exist in today’s time and only exists on behalf of the monomyth structure, nothing else. One can argue that, if the book was never created or the structure itself wasn’t, the literature world would be one that is different, with perhaps more creativity and freedom in the creation of stories relating to heroic quests. One of the most recurrent stories we see on television today is the “cold feet before the wedding” ones in which the groom or bride gets scared before marrying one another and it becomes a whole episode on that sole

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