Darron Bixon Case Study

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Twelve year old Darron Bixon saw a glowing ball of light after 3 huge booms . This took place in Bell Island on the east coast of Newfoundland- Sunday,April 2, 1978. He described these beautiful colors blue on the outside and orange on the inside. Those 3 booms were heard and felt within 60 km and lasted 4 seconds. People saw huge laser like lighting in the sky and 3 large cone shaped holes that were 4ft deep .The fire investigation concluded it was lightning. Brian Dunning a journalist had a theory that its was a Concord was coming over the land . A concord was a sonic aircraft that flies faster than a speed of light . It was around from 1977 through 1998. The reason he thinks it was a concord because the concord was traveling from

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