Darryl Ebony Case Study Summary

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with whom she kept in touch with to seek constant guidance and counseling. Her children also had plenty of friends with whom they would do playdates with. Tyler did miss a father figure and wished his father would have lived with them.
Adaptation: Role Conflicts/ Overload/ Changes; Coping Strategies (Functional & Dysfunctional); Problem- Solving Skills Ebony was quite mature and understanding but also naïve and soft-hearted. She did her best to resolve conflicts with her husband and forgave him plenty of times whenever he had returned home after losing money in gambling. She knew her husband is sad of losing and would need moral support but this could only go on for so long. Darryl failed to adopt to a life style that would help his family prosper. He would go out most evenings
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He should also
Running head: FAMILY ANALYSIS PROJECT have sought professional help with his gambling addiction. According to Health Promotion Model, he should identify the cause of such habit and addiction, seek family and professional support, commit to a plan of action, and carry out health promoting behavior.
Ebony divorced her husband Darryl after 12 years of marriage and two children from him due to his unhealthy habit of smoking and gambling addiction. This African American family suffered breakdown due to father’s inability to fix his way of life and play his part to contribute to strengthen his family. Statistics show that African American children are 3 times more likely to be poor compared to whites when raised by a single mother. In the case of Ebony, she believes she can soon rise to a better life style due to her education and stable job despite being a single mother. This also goes on to show how important higher education is in helping come out or stay out of difficult
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