Darthy Jones Research Paper

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Darthy Jones, Carl Story and Yolanda Jones are the three people who has influenced me the most. Darthy Jones is my grandma. Carl Story is my father. Yolanda Jones is my mother. These are the people who has played a big part in my life. All of them has taught me something in life that i will never forget and can input into my children. These are the people who helped builded, Yolanda Patricia Jones. Darthy Jones is my mother’s mother. My mother was sick my whole life. So, my grandma raise my two brothers and myself. My grandma and I never seen eye to eye. She use to think i was the biggest hoe but i wasn’t get paid for. I wasn’t even having sex but u can’t tell her that. Her favorite saying was, “ You going to be just like your mother.” But i wasn’t going to go down the same path as my mother. My grandma always been a hard worker. She worked…show more content…
I’m his only child. My father really wasn’t there for me. My sperm donor thought sending me 20 dollars every two weeks is taking care of me. He always been a family man but to his wife. When I was 8, my father got married and continued on with his little family. As of today, I still talk to my father. I trying to get him to understand the abandon issue, I’m having. I have a problem with people abandoning me. I can’t trust men. I have problem within my relationship. All because my father wasn’t there to show me how a man should treat a woman. He was my first example. He should of been there so i know how to love and be treated right. My oldest brother was my father. My oldest brother was very violent toward females. So, I thought the only way a man can love me, if he put his hands on me. So, now i’m older and have a little girl. I push for her father to be in her life. My father taught me how not to put people or your spouse before your children. He taught me how not to love so easy. Carl Story taught how to find a better man than himself. He taught me how to be the man he never
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