Darwin A Deadly Destination Essay

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Writer’s Statement

The purpose of this article titled ‘Darwin - A Deadly Destination’ was to promote Top End tourism and bring individuals from other areas of the world to Darwin to experience the tropical lifestyle and interesting activities it has to offer. I chose to produce this type of text to educate individuals who may be interested in a holiday, about why they should choose Darwin as their destination. This tourism article would be published in Australian tourism magazines, placed in petrol stations, back packing lodges, hotels and also in cafes.

The layout of this text is very easy on the eye as the information is spread out over three pages

The first page is designed to hook the reader. The first page follows the rule of thirds:

Part 1, The headline DARWIN in capital letters and bold font and four tiles/teasers which foreshadow the content of the article and help the reader navigate to the information they want.
Part 2, The dominant image is a birds eye view of Darwin City with green and blue colours predominating highlighting the clean, green environment.
Part 3, ‘A Deadly Destination’ is a kicker designed to tempt and persuade
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Proper nouns like Litchfield National Park and Darwin Military Museum are used to allow tourists to further investigate the activities Darwin has to offer, as well as the personal pronoun ‘You’ directly addressing the reader and involving them in the text. The text uses positive emotive language like picturesque, and perfect to make Darwin sound more enticing to the reader. Alliteration is used in the headings and sub-headings, for example, the repetition of words starting with a /t/ sound, “Top end Tourism attractions” and the colloquial/slang present in “The Territory A ‘Deadly’ Destination.” effectively links key words
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