Darwinism And Charles Darwin's Theory Of Racism

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Charles Darwin is one of the main contributors to racism through his theory of Evolution based on the notion of survival of the fittest through natural selection. Darwin believed that human races are divided into two groups; strong and weak. Then he developed a new theory which is survival for the fittest through natural selection. This theory states that only strong species are able to survive and have luxurious lives, while weak species are destroyed by natural laws. Social reformers used Darwinism to introduce various social policies. This movement became known as reform Darwinism. reformers used the principles of evolution to justify sexist and racist ideas found in certain societies. For example, the most extreme type of reform Darwinism was eugenics, meaning well-born. Eugenists claimed that particular racial or social groups usually wealthy Anglo people were naturally superior to other groups.This is evident in the American society specially in Mississippi during the duration of 1960s which marked the climax of the blacks oppression between blacks and whites Resistance literature is a tool of protest for those who are powerless, a way through which the oppressed expresses his rebellion against the oppressor.The oppressor who always considers him self the self and countiue in oppressing the oppressed which is considered the other. The self and the other binary is perhabs one of the crucial issues in human history. Since ages, the process of
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