Darwin's Explanation Of 'The Twins'

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The constellation that I have chosen is the Gemini constellation or also called "The Twins". I chosen the Gemini constellation because Gemini is from the Zodiac sign of June. I was born in June so it interests me to learn more about this particular constellation. Some information about the Gemini constellation is that it is located in the northern hemisphere. The name Gemini, means "twins" in Latin and refers to the mythical twins Castor and Polydeuces. The name Polydeuces, is Pollux in Latin and is also known as Dioscuri. The Gemini constellation occupies an area of 514 square degrees and contains four stars with known planets. The constellation is best visible at 9 p.m. in the month of February. The two brightest stars in Gemini are alpha…show more content…
They were twins and born only a couple of minutes apart. They were named Castor and Pollux and they both had very different personalities. Castor, the older one was a trouble maker. He would always pick fights and make so much trouble the parents had to keep him locked up and push the plate of food underneath the door. On the other hand, Pollux was the younger of the brothers and he was a good person and tried to find the good in everyone. He would always help the poor by leaving some of the food aside for them and would give them his old clothes that he grew out of. The years went by and the brothers were the same. The villagers gave them nicknames, Jekyll and Hyde and whenever anyone saw the two they would call them by their nicknames. As the two were in their elderly stage, they packed their things and went on a journey. They noticed that their personalities changed, they were both very peaceful and nothing would bother them. Since they were both very old the journey winded them out. They died of a very painful death which was later classified of a heart attack. They both ended in heaven and god was very pleased of how the two changed their behavior. So he made both the two stars, which marked the twins
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